Welcome here!
Contained in this page are resources and tools that will give a huge boost to your Christian life. Some of this resources are COD-made, while others have been carefully chosen to meet your peculiar spiritual and scriptural needs. Don’t forget to check back here as often as you can. This is because we add new peculiar content often.

Enjoy these downloads and GROW!

  1. Obedience is Key!
    This pdf-rendered document gives a detailed look into the story contained in Luke 5:1-11. Obedience to divine directives remains one of the fastest ways to attract a divine blessing.
    Just skip this advert and get the resource using the link below:
  2. Amplified Bible for Java Phones
    Studying God’s word will only get better as you enjoy rich renditions from various translations. We bring this Amplified Version to you. However, you still have to make that decision to download. You can do that by following the link below:
  3. Success Quotes
    This is a pdf file. Download it and get loads of quotes that will charge you up to dare for the best.

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