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I Will Like to be Me (New Book)

Hi there!
Yeah, right. I’ve been away for a while. This is because I wanted to work on two projects. Although these have not been completed yet, I have decided to see you guys at least once a week this month.

Guess what! Today, I’m giving away a mini ebook to my readers. This piece, once read, will push you out of the zones of self pity and regrets. Yes, people can envy you too. This book shows you how to make that happen. It shows you how to get serious and constructive with your life. Most interestingly, this ebook is absolutely FREE!!!

Get your copy NOW!!!
Here’s to you and your better life!

Talk later…


Never Give Up

You have probably heard that line once or twice.


So, I’m not just to remind you about it. I’m just here to show you a video.


Yeah, right…and to remind you again…

Do not look back from chasing your goals. Do not relent in pursuing that which constitute an interest to you. Follow after your dreams, and stick to your heart’s song.


It is my prayer that you find that which thou findest…



Now, enjoy the video…


Add Value

Do something today. There is a difference that ONLY YOU can make. There is a song you alone must sing. There is a voice that only you have.

There is ALWAYS something you can do around you to make your world a better place.

Do these things.

Dream them.
See them.
Do them.

Then we can be sure of progress.

A Lovely weekend to all of you.


5 months remaining in the year 2015!

Just wanna check on that project of yours… That goal… That resolution… How far have you gone about it?

Yes… I know; some of you haven’t even started. Me too, there some projects I’ve been somewhat lazy to begin. But I have made up my mind—since JESUS gives the strength—to begin and finish as many of them as possible this year!

I want us to do this together. This post I dedicate to you. Don’t just share this post or merely hit “Like”. Determine to do stuff this year. And even if you don’t finish it, you’ll be glad that you’ve made progress.

So, here’s to concluding that project of yours in Jesus MATCHLESS Name!


All Christians fight the daily battle against temptations. No man or woman is exempted from this fight. It is one of the battles we must fight and win every day in the war against the arc-enemy (satan). It is of little importance whether you are a pastor or usher in church, you must fight your own battle. Nobody is above being tempted. Some preachers/teachers misleadingly tell their congregations otherwise. No matter your level or years in the Christian Faith, you must war against temptations. In Matthew’s rendition of the Gospel, he tells us that Jesus Himself was “led” up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil. So, if Jesus faced it, we all sure will.

According to the Oxford Pocket English Dictionary, temptation is an incitement to do what is wrong or forbidden.

The truth is that temptations should not seem strange to the believer. In fact, here in the Kingdom, if you stay without temptations, you are not a Christian! This is because, for one, our model (Jesus Christ) was tempted; and if we (as Christians) are Christ-like, we should expect temptings. Temptation, therefore, is not sin. Yielding to it, however, is.

By now, you already know (either by personal experience or by gained knowledge) that fighting—and winning—each of these battles is not easy. Some people win these battles daily. Others are not consistent with the wins. However, and saddening so, much more are still struggling for a single win.

There is a lot of gain in overcoming temptations. Here are just a few of them:
1. It reveals God’s Grace and Mercy that abounds towards you (1Cor. 10:13).
2. It is a pointer to an incoming blessing and prize (James 1:12).
3. It grows your faith—and since we are talking battle here, it increases your rank—thereby qualifying you for greater prizes after greater battles (Lk. 16:10).
4. It gives you the qualification to help and encourage others in their own times of temptings.
5. Etc

The Bible gives three war strategies. These I want to call the WPS Formula. Unlike in the battles fought with guns and grenades, you use these strategies on yourself instead of the enemy:

Peter warns that the believer must be “vigilant” should he overcome in this battle (1Peter 5:8). How do you watch? By folding your arms and praying for grace? No. You watch deliberately. Most Christians wrongly pray the prayer for grace. God does not do this for you. He gives you the strength, yes, but He allows you do this yourself. It is crazy to walk wilfully into places, people, and events that promote sin. Do not do it! Do not play with sin; it is as dangerous as a snake. You must deliberately make the decision to leave that dirty job, desist from visiting that member of the opposite sex at odd hours, or end that sinful relationship with a friend. The place of watching is a place of deliberate decisions. God did not make Joseph disappear when he stood before Potiphar’s wife; Joseph had to run with his legs (Gen. 39:12)! Daniel decided himself. Nobody pushed him to request for vegetables instead of the king’s meat, neither did anybody take him to the chief of the eunuchs; he went himself (Dan. 1:8). Until you make deliberate decisions to “flee these things” (1Tim 6:11-12), you will continue to lose these battles.

“Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.” Jesus said this to His disciples in Mt. 26:41. Prayer empowers your spirit. It keeps you ‘willing’ always. An evangelist at my home church back in Northern Nigeria once told something. I tried it out, and was pleased that it worked. He advised me to pray, immediately I noticed a tempting thought in my head. He said prayers could kill these thoughts before they grew into actions. He was right! Scriptures say every knee bows at the Name of Jesus (Phil. 2:10). Prayer shows your inability to help yourself. It puts you at the mercy of God. Understand that we fight not against humans, but against spiritual forces. You need a mighty hand at work in you, if you must win. You need somebody bigger. You need God—so you need prayers. Moreover, He has said, “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” (Jer. 33:3)

The Psalmist wrote, “Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.”(Ps. 119:11). God’s word empowers you for the battle. These powerful guidelines keep you informed of what the enemy’s tactics are, and how you can overcome them. Even Jesus used what was written [in scriptures] against the devil. In chapter number four of Matthew’s account of the Gospel, He (Jesus) always said, “It is written”. Hear the rendition of Ps. 119:165 from the Amplified Bible: “Great peace have they who love Your law; nothing shall offend them or make them stumble.” The Scriptures have life in them (Jn. 6:63). Feed on God’s word, if you need your spirit to come alive. The mind is the centre of any man. To change a man, you have to change his mind first. And, concerning the mind, hear Paul: “Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus” (Phil. 2:5). Your study gives you the tips for overcoming this battle (2Tim. 2:15). You must learn new strategies often. You need to renew your mind (Rom. 12:2; Eph. 4:23) via the word of God. Take out time everyday deliberately to study the word of God.

God is your strength. To win in this series of battles, you will definitely need Him. I pray for you, to receive the enablement to commit to these three things, in JESUS MIGHTY NAME! Amen.

See you at the place called ‘THERE’.


…but do you believe that?

There are such times when we doubt the truth that Christ ever existed. Times when what we’ve been told by our pastors suddenly lose their meanings. At these times, prayer becomes the last thing on our minds—that’s if it’s there in the first place. Sometimes, when caught in this trying and tricky situation, we are tempted to: complain, become offended, doubt, and blaspheme.

In this season of the remembrance of Christ victory over satan and death, I want to remind you of the same truth: Jesus STILL lives. And not just that; HE LIVES IN YOU! Truth is, He knew you were going to doubt His love for you one day. Better truth is, He went on to love you anyway.

Knowing what He was going to pass through just to prove this love, He almost prayed against it. He didn’t just go through all of that for nothing. He always saw one more reason why He had to die—you had to live!

Jesus so loves you that even after He died—and seized power for you—He arose to make sure that you see Him ALIVE (Luke 24:15, 31, 36)! He didn’t just stop there. He showed you his hands and feet (Luke 24:40). Yet, you did not believe (Luke 24:41). Then He had to dine with you (Luke 24:42-43). He even had to help your understanding (Luke 24:45).

He knew that one day you would question His existence. He knew that someday you would disbelieve Him. Then He gave you the Bible, so you could read for yourself all the facts therein (2Tim. 3:16; Heb.4:12). This Word carries the therapies for your growth, healing and inspiration.

He also thought that you would need help with the Testaments. So He sent you The Comforter—His Presence (Jn. 14:16). The Holy Spirit powers God’s Word in us. He reminds us of the promises in the Bible and of Jesus’ love for us (Jn. 14:26; 15:26).

Then He gave His Blood, that through it, you should be saved and spared (Heb. 12:24; 1Peter 1:18-19). By this Blood, your sins were paid for (Mt. 26:28). Destruction skips you, because of the stains of this Blood (Ex. 12:13). Your biggest enemy, the devil, is defeated by this Blood (Rev. 12:11).

Wait a minute! He even gave you His Name. The name JESUS—that comes with His Power—was given to you the day you believed. Armed with this weapon of a name, you could command mountains to move, instruct ailments to pack up and leave, and even stop death—you could do and undo! Equipped with this code of a name, you could also access Heaven, the Throne of GOD, to seek forgiveness and to give thanks. (Mt. 28:18; Acts 3:6-8; Phil. 2:9-11)

Finally, to keep assuring you of His continued existence, He gave you Christians—other people like Him! These precious beings—your pastor, your leaders, your mentors, your parents, or those ordinary people living extraordinary lives—are around you. He is alive in them. And every time you see them, you see Him same way—alive!

As we celebrate the resurrection of Christ, I want you to be reminded again, beyond your mere obligation or desire to celebrate Easter, that HE TRULY LIVES…and IN YOU too. Deliberately remind yourself always of all He went through to prove His existence to you.

I, Uncle P celebrate the Christ in you.
Happy Easter Celebrations, and GOD BLESS YOU.

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Some Thoughts on Relating Well With Others

Hello people!
Happy New Month wishes to you all. I hope your week has been splendid?

I was recently going through my stuff, when I stumbled upon something I had read several months back. Then I thought you guys deserve to know about it. These are key things we should bear in mind while we mingle.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to share with others:
1. Understand/identify your personal desires.
Self knowledge is essential if you hope to relate well to others. You have to know what you want so you know what you’re communicating (and expecting) from others. “Personal desires” applies to both the broad sweeping areas of your life, as well the smaller, more focused areas of your life. Here are some questions that might help you identify your desires:

General: What do I want most out of life?
Specific: How do I expect to be treated when I get home from school?

One way to get to this is to ask: “What offends me?”

2. Examine/evaluate your personal desires.
Here is the NECESSARY next step: is what you want something good, wise, pleasing to God…or is it selfish, wrong, potentially sinful? How do your desires/expectation stand-up to God’s standard? Are your desires in accordance with biblical teaching? Godly wisdom? Are your desires consistent with one another, or are some mutually exclusive?
One way to get to this is to ask: “Should this bother me?”

3. Make as many of the needed changes as possible.
This is where sanctification (growing closer to God and becoming more like Jesus) enters into the picture. God loves us for how we are, but he still wants to correct our errors . . . our selfish desires.
One way to get to this is to ask: “Am I willing to change in this area?”

4. Understand/identify the other person’s desires.
This requires careful observation, a great imagination, and a pure heart. Diligence in relationships considers the other person’s perspective. Ask personal questions, listen to the answers
One way to get to this is to ask:  “What do they want? What offends them?”

5. Respect the other person’s desires.
Respecting another’s wishes can be done actively or passively, both are important. Active living says, how can I meet the other’s needs? Passive living says, how can I keep from offending them?
One way to get to this is to commit to serving others like Christ.

6. Examine/evaluate your decisions, actions, thoughts, words, etc.
Refuse to live life on autopilot, consider DEEPLY the outcome of your actions.
One way to get to this is to ask:  “Have I offended the other person? What should I have done differently? What am I learning from this?”

7. Communicate your personal desires
When appropriate, let others know what you want. Appropriate can be defined with lots of different variables…

If you continually talk about your needs…’re obnoxious.
If your needs are ungodly…..keep them to yourself, and work on becoming more like Christ.
If you talk about your needs without respecting others…..people will avoid you.
If you communicate your needs without examining them…’ll send mixed messages.
If your need is obvious, and you continually remind others…..that’s lame.
If you NEVER communicate your needs…’ll remain distant from others.
One way to get to this is to say:  “This is how I feel. . .; This bothers me . . .”

8. Examine/evaluate the other person’s desires.
As you test your desires, test the desires of others too. God often teaches us through other people. And considering their wants can lead you to greater depths of wisdom. The horrible thing about this step (and the next one), is that typically we tend to over inflate the importance of judging others. IT’S SO MUCH EASIER to judge. But there is a gift to be sifted from the murky mud of judgment: more often than not, when you see something you “don’t like” in others, you probably have that same trait in your own life. Here is the jewel: now you have a new avenue for growth!
One way to get to this is to say: “Should they be offended by xyz? Maybe I do the same thing…”

9. Instruct/correct with gentleness…..when the time is right.
Christians are supposed to impact one another. Our community should be powerful enough to create life change. A good time for “confronting” others would take pages to fully describe, but here is a principle: Don’t waste your words, say something only if it has a chance of accomplishing something good.
One way to get to this is to say: “This is an unfair expectation. . .”

10. Forgive and Repent often.
People aren’t perfect. You aren’t perfect. You will hurt and be hurt. The only once of hope in the hurt/be hurt cycle is to forgive others, and ask for their forgiveness. This doesn’t really belong on this list, since it is titled, “Some Thoughts On Relating To Others,” because this isn’t just a nice idea, it’s a biblical mandate for all believers.
One way to get to this is to say: “I will not hold a grudge….I am sorry.”

I hope that these tips are useful in strengthening your relations with others. What other tips can you suggest? Please comment below.

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Why You Should Have More PSPs This New Year!

Yes. You deserve the very best this new year! And you’ve got to have this best more often, and as much as possible!

This is because you are a regular reader here!

Okay, that was a joke.

It is because you need it (or them).

You should have more PSPs, yes, and because you need them! YOU NEED MORE OF THEM!


But why…?
Every new year comes with its new troubles. Every new season is equipped with its new challenges. And, of course, for some folks, every new year is a new opportunity to make new resolutions. Keeping to resolutions are actually part of the challenges (or, for others, troubles) of the new year.

However, there’s something people rarely plan to do every new year.


It is NOT a crime to make plans for entertainment in the coming year. In fact, you should only plan to enjoy yourself every year!

So, here’s how to ENJOY 2015, by having more PSPs, and why too:

Most people probably don’t want to hear this. But I ask, what other way is there to better enjoy the year (any year) than conversing with divinity? Here in Nigeria, most people know this… But sadly, not all who know it, understand it.

In Nigeria (which, by God’s Grace, is one of the most religious nations in the world), people pray at the start of every year. But they do this in groups. As I write this blog post, thousands of churches and religious groups across Nigeria have already started their annual fast programme. This happens in January every year.


Really, how many of us remember to pray again after this collective exercise? So, what I’m talking about here is not a coming together. I’m talking about raising and maintaining your own altar.
Read about this Champion:
“And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed.” (Mark 1:35).

This truth will NEVER change: the spiritual realm creates and controls the physical. And here’s another truth which carries same unchanging power: you can NEVER grow bigger than your prayer life! People struggle with growth yearly, because they struggle with prayer yearly. Jesus knew that prayer commanded his results. See verse 34: “And he healed many that were sick of divers diseases, and cast out many devils; and suffered not the devils to speak, because they knew him.” So, for these works to continue, He refuelled daily.

To succeed everyday this year, you must pray everyday this year.

Till I come, give attendance to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.
-1 Timothy 4:13

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
-2 Timothy 2:15

“In the first year of his reign I Daniel understood by books the number of the years, whereof the word of the LORD came to Jeremiah the prophet, that he would accomplish seventy years in the desolations of Jerusalem.”
-Daniel 9:2

“When you come, bring the coat I left with Carpus in the city of Troas. Bring the books and for sure do not forget the writings written on sheepskin.”
-2 Timothy 4:13

Can we…

…pay attention to study?

Ever heard of the saying: readers are leaders? Commit a reasonable amount of time to study for those projects this year. Carry out researches. Make findings. Grow your knowledge base. As a student, don’t you think it’s early enough to start studying? Wanna be something in the nearest future? Here’s ma question: how much of that thing do you know? Maybe it’s your dream to pursue medicine in the university. Then, it’s time you got prepared for it and stopped failing the science subjects in high school.

I understand that you have ambitions. You that have a gift, have you honed it yet? You enjoy public speaking, right? How many books have you read on the subject yet? Do you know that you can be taught by the world’s greatest minds: Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa, Benjamin Franklin, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, John Maxwell, Billy Graham, Kenneth Hagin, Joyce Meyer, John Piper, Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen, Paula White, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Enoch Adeboye and of course, me, Prince Godfrey… Haha!? All you need to do is purchase and read their books, subscribe to email updates from them, visit and follow their blogs, read their quotes, like their pages and suck out knowledge from them.

Christain, how often do you read your Bible? How much of God do you know? If His Word is the Sword of the Spirit (Eph. 6:17), how strong and sharp is your sword? Are you prepared for the battles this year has got in it?

Check those who soar; they are those who study!

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.
-James 1:22

For not the hearers of the law are just before God, but the doers of the law shall be justified.
-Romans 2:13

This year, as is the case every other year, thousands (if not millions) of resolutions will not be kept. Fact.

Change happens when we do. Not when we say we’ll do. Change itself is a ‘doing’ word, an action word.

Knowledge is not power; applied knowledge is! It is time you stopped deciding to change and just change! This part is not easy. But it is simple. God’s grace is available, and sufficient too.

The rewards of practice cannot be over-emphasized. Think about it. What if you put into practice all the truths from the books you have read? What if you did all the things instructed by the Bible? That life would definitely be glowing right now! Practice is the crown (glory) of learning (knowledge). Anyone who does not what he knows, the same is regarded as he who knows not! The only difference between those who know and those who don’t is seen in their actions. Actions are proofs of knowledge.

You need more PSPs this year. And here’s to having lots and lots of them.

From us @ Jikmatas,
|Happy, PSP-filled New Year|

The CHRIST We Celebrate

Happy CHRISTmas!

Happy CHRISTmas!

“And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.”
– Luke 2:10-11

Really, why do we do what we do every 25th of December?

That question may not be on the minds of many now. Maybe that’s not even your priority, but just think about it. Ask yourself too: why do I celebrate on this day (December 25) anually?

Very few of us may get an honest and genuine answer. What about the others?

In a recent survey, as published in a post by Denison Forum, these words shocked me:

…most popular Christmas songs are not about Christ.  They celebrate sleigh bells, Santa Claus, and the larger folk American culture.

I have two thoughts in response.  First: it is possible—and even popular with many—to celebrate Christmas with no regard whatsoever for Jesus.  Eighty percent of non-Christians say they celebrate Christmas.  With all the glitz and glamour of the holidays, a Martian could be forgiven for wondering why we call it Christmas.  In a similar vein, only 42 percent of Americans think the meaning of Easter is the resurrection of Jesus.  We have clearly turned holy days into holidays.”

People celebrate CHRISTmas without seeing the CHRIST in it. People drink themselves to stupor on this day; young girls lose their virginity on this day; what about the killings and theft? You just need to visit the news after Christmas to confirm this truth.

Do you crucify Christ, instead of celebrate Him? I thought it’s His birthday? But we make it look like it’s a girlfriend’s rather…or a boyfriend’s. Should we be happy in Jesus(the celebrant) or in sin?

From our text today, the birth of Christ brings about “good tidings of great joy”. If there’s no joy after you are done celebrating CHRISTmas, check it, you definitely celebrated something else! Christ must be born in you, for that is real Christmas. All these find a common root in the reason for His birth in the first place.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved

-John 3:16-17

That’s why we celebrate.

You must, you should, celebrate, because “For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord (Luke 2:11).

You celebrate, but you do it outside the party ground, if the One you celebrate is not your Saviour and Lord yet.

We Christians, most times, only celebrate the Person of Christ. Be it Easter, CHRISTmas, etc, we forget the purpose and just stick with the personality [of the year]. JESUS didn’t come for that award. He came for you! He came for your heart. What are you celebrating, his purpose or your sin?

So, what’s it gonna be? If it’s Christ’s birthday, where is your gift?

I think He only demands that you “sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear” (1 Peter 3:15). If you don’t want Him, then don’t celebrate Him! He knows you when you have Him, not when you celebrate Him. Lamenting the hypocrisy in our generation today, Jesus cried, “This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me” (Matthew 15:8).

Your salvation will be your best act of celebration this season. Come, Jesus awaits you.

From all of us @ Jikmatas, here is wishing you CHRIST, this CHRISTmas.

Lessons from Abigail’s Union

Bennard and Abigail Ugbeikwu

Bennard and Abigail Ugbeikwu

One major contributor to this blog, former Miss Abigail Nwachukwu, changed her family name over the weekend.

Yes, Abigail got married!!!

Now, I’m not here to share details of the apparently successful event, which happened on the 13th of December, 2014 (yesterday). No. But there is something I can’t hide from you: its lessons.

You can add these to the already heavy store of information, on how to make it (marriage) work, that you’ve gotten. Here they come. . .

Pathetically, there are more people who know this point than there are who use it. They pray over almost everything in their lives. Food. Water. Exams. Admissions. Jobs. Promotions. Contracts. Even matches of their favourite teams and characters in a movie . But when it comes to settling down, they put on their Mr ‘Fix it’ hats. Truth is that very few young fellows ever pray concerning their unknown spouse and the marriage.

I remember a night we had with Abby. She told us how young she was when she started praying for her husband. She very well had not met him before this time. Two things I noticed, or learnt, from her explaination about the decision to involve God was really worth knowing, or learning:

  • Telling God means you wait for His time!
  • You must trust Him enough to show up with your answers on time. You must also understand that “on time” in His eyes means “perfect” for you, and makes it very different from “on time” in your own eyes (Ps. 90:4; 2 Peter 3:8).

  • Telling God means you do it His way!
  • The ways of God are very different from the ways of men. You must seek to please God when searching for a life partner. Most ladies have lost their worth, sleeping around just to hook up with someone that will take them down the aisle. Note this: your marriage is in trouble if you enter his bed before entering his home. Every step along the way should be taken in God. And if God makes the choices, then dating ain’t an option. Because God is NEVER confused! He doesn’t test something to know it. If He says it, you can count on it.

    Yes. Wait on Him. Get prepared. Work on yourself. Marriage will come, so, pursue your dreams while waiting.

    Abby was a writer and blogger before she got married. She was already hosting forums for singles here and there before she walked to the altar with Ben. Her ‘work’ had already gained online presence before she wedded. Read what she thinks about pursuing a dream, maybe you’ll understand me better.

    Don’t you think now will be a good time to further your education, break some bad habits and make new good ones, pursue purpose…instead of lusting after different boys/girls all in the name of looking for love?

    So sorry to say this truth: this is mostly ‘girls problem’. They are so obsessed about having great wedding ceremonies that they forget about having great marriages! They go about shopping for this and that, spending money (which, apparently, they didn’t join to make) extravangantly.

    Abby’s traditional marriage ceremony happened! Her white wedding ceremony was a reality. It didn’t have to be a luxury. The smiles on her face, the joy in her husband’s heart and the care demonstrated by well-wishers, were all present…regardless of the fact that President Barack Obama didn’t show up! Neither of both marriage events were held in Dubai, or aboard an aircraft. Yet, they attracted true well-wishers indeed.

    I personally noticed her calm in all of this.

    No struggle to choke her husband to death over an Italian wedding dress. No hummer limousine ride to the venue. And I’m sure that this wonderful day in her life will not be on Linda Ikeji’s Blog. But it is in our hearts, and registered in heaven.

    These are the little but long lasting lessons I gained from Abby’s union. I pray that God favours her marriage and blesses them both.

    Stay up!
    …and HAPPY SUNDAY!!!

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