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For So Long?

Hey there!

This is Uncle P, from Citadel Of Diamonds. I know some of you have wondered, “Where has he been all th while?” Well, I have been very busy these past months. I am sorry I haven’t been around to keep you guys abreast of all that has been happening around COD. It is my fault, and I really apologise for that.

However, I am here now. I promise to make it up to you guys. Don’t ask me how. Just know I will. (It is a suprise.)

What has been happening?

  • Fatima ‘Nene’ Clement was delivered of a bouncing baby girl last month. Mother and child are both sound. Guess what?! The baby’s name is Melody.
  • We started a new study series titled, “BEARING FRUITS“. We look at the book of John chapter 15, covering verses one through eight.
  • We had ourselves a SISTERS SUNDAY and a BROTHERS SUNDAY. Both of which was very wonderful.

What else will be happening?

Well, expect more from us now. Secondly, we have our annual worship meeting (Eucharisteo) coming up this year. I sure will keep you posted about that one. Plus more.

Till the next time we see (which is quite soon), remain YOU!



Citadel of Diamonds
announces its first ever
Cultural Sunday

This event promises to be a great, uniting, empowering and educating gathering. Young people shall be gathering to talk, share, educate and enlighten other like-minded people. This meeting shall discuss the various tribes and tongues in Nigeria, and their cultures as it relates to food, marriage, proverbs, dressing, greeting, etc.

Never miss this for anything. Start your plans to attend early enough….


Cultural Sunday

Yesterday, God showed us His goodness, as Fatima (Nene) got her Fiance, James introduced.

This event was slated for 3PM, and saw many folks (friends and neighbours) turning up to celebrate with our own (Nene).

We thought it nice to give you a taste of what we saw, when we represented COD at the event… So, this pic is for you.

Congrats to our very own Fati. We wish her all the best in marriage.

Bible Study



Bible Study

Hello there…

Yes, to you, Codite.

Today, COD is three years old. We have come across so many hurdles, but we are 3. We have had to face obstacles, but we are 3 years old! Some people left us when we were down, but today we celebrate 3!

Wait a minute! Where on earth are we going to get all the finances to make COD work? We are three! How do we go about this or that… Well, we’ve been going about them for three years now.

For the moment, let us just focus on one thing:


There were times when we thought this was just not going to work out. There were days when we considered looking back. Sometimes we doubted our mission. But, today, we are three.

Nothing just happens. Things are caused to happen. The reality of COD @ 3 happened because of:

We had the best people. The friends that supported us were not just many, they were real. Codites are very committed and responsible people. Those who were not Codites did not last more than six (6) months with us. Yes, we had those ones too. Those who would come for the fun alone. But… They just didn’t last. Only Codites did. Because of Codites, we have not begged anyone to be our sole sponsor. Because of this same people, we have not lacked the manpower, skill or funds for any task. Codites, made this happen. And we are PROUD to be associated with them.

2. GOD
Since we started, we have never gotten good that is not from above. Supports in the forms of cash, materials, advice and prayers have flowed in because we are under God’s covering of mercy. He always hears us. Codites can testify that this God is faithful and true. He has always confirmed his word in our lives.

These are the reasons why today is happening.

We want to thank God for GOD and for You. Stick on with us. Together, we can do this! We can break new grounds. Tell the other that we are still moving…and there’s still space for them. Thanks, once more.

Let JESUS be known and shown globally!


Connecting Codites

Below is the list of names of Codites to ‘disturb’ this season:

1. Favour Oruame — 08183379343
2. Blessing Rufus — 08111363421; 08092788608
3. Abiola Alex — 07062382287; 08092105363
4. Godwin Osarobo — 08135231470; 08180413728
5. Tosin Ayeni — 08188683021
6. James Audu — 08150690885

Call them.
See how they are doing.
Wish them well.

P.S: If you get chance, yab dem join!