Untitled (Part 1)

Tales, Thoughts and Letters

When I was eighteen, there was a fire outbreak at what I used to call my home. We were sound asleep: my mum, my dad, my sister, and me. Then the fire alarm went off. I heard it at first, but I thought that it was just in my head. However, it began to sound louder and louder. Just then, I heard my name ringing in my ears.

“Lisa! Lisa! Wake up, Lisa!” I heard repeatedly. I wished it were just a dream, because I was so tired. “Lisa!” I heard again. This time, I woke up, but my vision was still blurry. I saw my dad in an orange glow, hovering right next to my bed. Two things came to mind. It was either I was dreaming, or I was dying (because, to state the obvious, humans do not glow!). “Lisa, there has been a fire outbreak!” Those words…

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