For So Long?

Hey there!

This is Uncle P, from Citadel Of Diamonds. I know some of you have wondered, “Where has he been all th while?” Well, I have been very busy these past months. I am sorry I haven’t been around to keep you guys abreast of all that has been happening around COD. It is my fault, and I really apologise for that.

However, I am here now. I promise to make it up to you guys. Don’t ask me how. Just know I will. (It is a suprise.)

What has been happening?

  • Fatima ‘Nene’ Clement was delivered of a bouncing baby girl last month. Mother and child are both sound. Guess what?! The baby’s name is Melody.
  • We started a new study series titled, “BEARING FRUITS“. We look at the book of John chapter 15, covering verses one through eight.
  • We had ourselves a SISTERS SUNDAY and a BROTHERS SUNDAY. Both of which was very wonderful.

What else will be happening?

Well, expect more from us now. Secondly, we have our annual worship meeting (Eucharisteo) coming up this year. I sure will keep you posted about that one. Plus more.

Till the next time we see (which is quite soon), remain YOU!


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