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Citadel of Diamonds
announces its first ever
Cultural Sunday

This event promises to be a great, uniting, empowering and educating gathering. Young people shall be gathering to talk, share, educate and enlighten other like-minded people. This meeting shall discuss the various tribes and tongues in Nigeria, and their cultures as it relates to food, marriage, proverbs, dressing, greeting, etc.

Never miss this for anything. Start your plans to attend early enough….


Cultural Sunday

Yesterday, God showed us His goodness, as Fatima (Nene) got her Fiance, James introduced.

This event was slated for 3PM, and saw many folks (friends and neighbours) turning up to celebrate with our own (Nene).

We thought it nice to give you a taste of what we saw, when we represented COD at the event… So, this pic is for you.

Congrats to our very own Fati. We wish her all the best in marriage.

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