Bible Study

TODAY’S TOPIC: His Goodness and Mercy
KEY TEXT: Ps. 23:1-5
KEY VERSE: Ps. 23:1
“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want”

At this point of our study, if you have followed carefully, you would see that the 23rd Psalm is actually a journeying Psalm. One would not be wrong to call it the Psalm of life; for life, itself is a journey. In verse six, which is the concluding part of this psalm, there is a farewell promise. It speaks of two co-travellers with every Christian in this journey of life. This co-travellers, Goodness and Mercy, we shall look at in our study of today.

The goodness of something is the virtue or excellence in it. It is the benefits in something. When the Psalmist was speaking of goodness here, he was NOT being specific; he was being general. He saw that, because the sheep is under the care of the shepherd, everything the sheep will ever see is GOOD. Just like in the case of a child, though some decisions made by the parents may not go down well with him, they are ALWAYS for his good. Read Jer. 29:11.

We see here that it is in the mind of the Good Shepherd (Christ) towards us is good always. God never intends for us to suffer. We are His responsibility. We must see things that way.
(Ps. 36:7-10; Gen. 39:3, 23; Ps. 128:1-6)

If one is merciful, they have the quality of feeling and showing compassion to everyone (especially offenders). Now, the Mercy of God is very complicated to explain, very complicated. One of the best ways to see this is, we do not always please the Shepherd, but His Mercifulness covers that up. This is not telling us to be lax or loose. It is reminding us that no matter how hard we try to be righteous, His Mercy is what speaks for us. Read Eph. 2:8-9, Rom. 9:16. This should keep us in awe of His mysteriousness.
(Lam. 3:22-23; Neh. 9:31; Ps. 86:15; Ps. 78:38)

Ps. 16:10-11; Ps. 9:10; Isa. 26:3-4; Jer. 17:7-8; Mal. 3:6; Micah 7:18-19; Lk. 1:50

Speak God’s goodness and mercy into your life, throughout this week.

1. Thank God for giving us His word.
2. Seek God’s Mercy in all areas of your life.
3. Ask that the Goodness of GOD be the portion of you and your family.
4. Pray for Joy Oluchi (MTN). Let God Himself be the Shepherd of that family.
5. Thank the LORD for the possibility of a COD family gathering that started last Sunday in Ugbokolo, Benue State. Pray that God grows them from grace to grace. Pray for God’s guidance on Victor Obande (V.I.C). He is currently the one coordinating that extension.
6. Pray for God’s favour on all Codites who are currently seeking admission.
7. Pray that God grows and sustains the faith of all Codites. Let God keep them from the power of sin and hell.
8. Bless your week, cover it with The Blood.


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