Bible Study

KEY TEXT: Ps. 23:1-5
KEY VERSE: Ps. 23:1
“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want”

There is always a reward after every passed test. There is always promotion after a successful exam. Last week, we were looking at how God uses trials and unpleasant circumstances to grow us in him. However painful it may be, the Shepherd wants us to grow; and if we are willing, He will do all it takes to make us grow—even if it means that He “scorges” us.

Today, we look at the honour that comes from the Shepherd to any one of His sheep that will patiently go through their own valley. This honour, however, comes in three levels. These are the three levels of the Shepherd’s honour to His obedient sheep:

Note that it is the Shepherd who prepares the table. THOU preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies…” (Ps. 23:5). The Shepherd prepares the table Himself. In addition, He did it before enemies. Now, the place of the table is the realm of vindication. During your journey down the valley of the shadow of death, you will encounter mockeries from foes. There are people who mocked you while you trekked down the valley. Maybe they simply hate you. Alternatively, maybe they thought you were being punished for a particular sin. The reason for the table that the Shepherd sets before your enemies is to wipe away those tears from your eyes. Anyone who has a table before them is always the CELEBRANT. It is God’s way of celebrating you before all. It is His way of celebrating you before the devil. It is way of showing you to the world.
That is why we must follow the Shepherd through all times and seasons.
(Isaiah 60:14-15; Ps. 126:1-2; Job 42:10-11)

Again, the Shepherd is the One who anoints. Now, anointing the head is a symbol of announcing an authority. When one is anointed, he is announced; he is proclaimed. Since it is the Shepherd who anoints, it can be said that it is the Shepherd that announces. Scriptures say, THOU anointest my head with oil…”. as disciples, the Shepherd is the One who should announce us. It is His responsibility. Many Christians struggle to make names for themselves by what they rush into doing. Let the Shepherd anoint (announce)you; do not anoint (announce) yourself. Anyone that is anointed of the Shepherd will last.
(John 3:34; Jer. 1:5-10)

When someone holds out a cup for filling, what he or she is given becomes his or hers automatically. The quantity that is given is the quantity that belongs to the cupbearer. What is yours is what is given to you, whenever you hold out a cup. The cup, therefore, connotes, “portion”. Your cup collects your own share. Therefore, the Shepherd fills us whenever we pass the test of the valley. It is just like a child who gets a treat from his dad after passing an examination. Apart from the usual, something else is added. God will commit much to that disciple who is faithful in little. Of course, his portion shall be increased.
(Matt. 25:20-23; Isaiah 61:7)

Ps. 92:10-15; Ps. 16:5-11; Isaiah 43:1-28

Read through Isaiah 43:1-28, everyday this week.

1. Thank God for giving us His word.
2. Ask that God cause you to be announced before your generation
3. Pray that the mockeries of your enemies will not discourage you.
4. Ask for the anointing of the LORD upon your life and your family.
5. Pray God’s blessings on all Codites, home or abroad.
6. Bless your week.


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