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TODAY’S TOPIC: Valleys of Death
KEY TEXT: Ps. 23:1-5
KEY VERSE: Ps. 23:1
“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want”

Since this lesson began, we have viewed the ability and willingness of the Shepherd to grant us peace and comfort. However, there are times when the shepherd deliberately does not make things work out for the sheep. The shepherd can watch while his sheep receives an intravenous injection. This injection, though for the sheep’s good health, could be very painful. The shepherd has the power to stop the vet doctor from going on with the injection, but he does not stop the doctor. He just watches his sheep go through the pain. This is scary, but it is also a quality of our Shepherd.

The Shepherd (Christ) sees the storm ahead. In fact, He knows that there will be storms ahead. Sometimes we cry and pray to God, as though He does not know what we are facing. Actually, He does. He saw it coming before it came. He knew these problems would come. The psalmist (David) had an understanding of this, when he wrote verse 4 of this psalm. He said, “Yea, though I walk…” It shows that he anticipated the storms of life. The three Hebrew boys in Dan. 3:16-18 told king Nebuchadnezzar the same thing. We must understand that our Shepherd sees every problem we go through. He knows every situation we endure. The ordinary shepherd knows the day of vaccination or immunisation, yet he does not keep his sheep from it. Of course, he does not whisper the date to the sheep, no matter how much he loves them. Actually, that is what we get with our loving shepherd (Christ).
(Ps. 1:6; Isaiah 46:9-10; Ps. 139:1-12)

Yes, Jesus does. Do not be surprised when, after you have prayed and fasted, things still turn out the other way round. What if that was God’s best for you? You know, we may never love God’s best, because it does not seem to be ‘best’ for us. However, only the parent knows that ordinary water is much beneficial than soft drinks to the child. Read Matt. 4:1. You see, that we can be ‘led’ down and through the valley of death. Jesus got His training in the wilderness. Through painful injections, the sheep at home is immune against infections. The shepherd takes his sheep to the vet doctor. In times like this (when you go through trying times), please ask yourself:

* is there something I must learn?
* is there something I must have?
* what is the Shepherd trying to say?

In times like these, pray and seek the Lord’s face for His direction.
(Job. 13:15; Heb.12:5-11; Deut. 8:5; Ps. 119:71; Prov. 3:12; James 1:12; Rev. 3:19)

Study the book of Proverbs 13:24. Write a short explanatory note on that scripture.

1. Thank God for giving us His word.
2. Ask for grace to be fully committed to the cause of Christ, in both good and bad times.
3. Pray that God grants you the strength to follow Him in obedience through trying times.
4. Seek divine strength from the Holy Ghost for the next trial ahead.
5. Pray that the last blessings of August 2015 rain down on you and your family.
6. Bless your week, and secure it by the Blood of Jesus.



TODAY’S TOPIC: Still Waters
KEY TEXT: Ps. 23:1-5
KEY VERSE: Ps. 23:1
“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want”

In last week’s lesson, we see the power, in our Shepherd, to guarantee our satisfaction. Green Pastures tell of God’s ability and willingness to cater for our needs. Today we shall view the ability of the Shepherd in three different perspectives. They are…

When the Shepherd leads us beside still waters (or quiet waters), He causes us to rest. Still waters are those times in our lives when we are just okay with what we have. Still waters are those times when situations around us are met with instant solutions. Here, God caters for our needs immediately we have them. What is more? The leading beside still waters is a leading to quench our thirst. A thirst that only the Shepherd can fill. We are talking about meeting an emotional need here. This is that moment where God’s presence around us seems to be all we need.
(Job 34:29; 2Sam. 7:1; Isaiah 26:3; Phil. 4:7)

When the Psalmist says, “He restoreth my soul”, one thing should come to mind. Restoration is the process of bringing something back to its original state, either by repairing or by rebuilding. The Shepherd is the one who knows how to fix His sheep. If the sheep has a broken limb, the shepherd fixes that. If the sheep is sick, the shepherd takes care of it also. The shepherd is there, not only to guard, but also to deliver. Are there things into which we have gotten ourselves? Could it be sickness, sin, doubt, frustration, sorrow or loss? Hand these over to the Shepherd (Jesus) who wants to care for you. Are there struggles in your life? Jesus can fix them—allow Him to.
(Micah 7:8-9; Luke 22:31-32; Isaiah 57:18; Jer. 33:6; 2Chrn. 7:14)

Jesus really cherishes our relationship with Him. In fact, He enjoys our company, same way any shepherd would enjoy the company of his sheep. Just to make sure we continue the communion with Him, He gave us His Word and His Spirit.
“He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.”
Did you see that? For His Name’s sake. Read Eph. 2:8-9. Jesus is the reason why you are still a Christian. His Spirit and His Word are His contributions to this relationship. What are yours? Nothing. Just believe Him. Our Shepherd really wants to keep this relationship. We have to do our own part; we have to trust His power and efforts. To live holy on the earth is a function of total belief and dependence on the power and finished work of Jesus via The Cross. Being holy is achievable; but ONLY THROUGH CHRIST.
(John 16:13-15; 1John 4:13; John 6:63; Phil. 4:13)

Study the book of Psalms 46:2-3 and Psalm 138:7

1. Thank God for giving us His word.
2. Ask for the satisfaction only God can give this week.
3. Pray for divine restoration in all areas of your life where you need it (e.g. health, academics, finance, spirituality, etc).
4. Sincerely surrender your Christian walk to Jesus. Ask Him to sustain your relationship with Him. Ask that He holds and leads you all the way, in this Christian walk with Him.
5. Pray for all parents of Codites. Pray against sin, setback, sickness and sorrow in their lives. Ask that God keeps our parents long enough to enjoy the fruits of their labours.
6. Bless your week with the blessing of the Lord. Plead the blood of Jesus over your journeys and dealings this week.


TODAY’S TOPIC: Green Pastures
KEY TEXT: Ps. 23:1-5
KEY VERSE: Ps. 23:1
“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want”

We already studied a little about the shepherd last week. Thank God for all the things we learned. It is important that Christians see the place and value of God in all that they do. Little wonder why God directed us to this text in the Psalms. To any Christian, it should always be ABOUT GOD and no other person. We shall begin the lessons in this month by looking at the places that describe God’s shepherd qualities.

Today, we shall we considering…

What does the colour green symbolize? It stands for fruitfulness, life, and activity.
Whenever you hear about the colour green, nature comes to mind. The word pastures talk about herbs and vegetables. It talks about trees and grasses.

So what is God trying to let us see here?

When we call the LORD our shepherd, we are putting Him in a position where He constantly cares for us. He makes our leaves constantly green (Ps. 1:3; Ps. 92:14). Let us note that the Scriptures said He makes us to lie down…

1. This actually depicts humility.
God is the one that “humbles” us with satisfaction. We are talking about that point in your Christian walk with God when you “heights” and “depths” are more reasons to trust God more. Our Shepherd continues to exalt only those who are humble. God Himself brings us a little lower to look at the tiny details.
(Isaiah 57:15; James 4:6)

2. This is also a show of the Shepherd’s full control over the sheep.
It is a show of the ever-dominant, yet sometimes-unpredictable nature of the Shepherd towards the sheep. Why would God choose a time of fruitfulness and comfort as one of such times to humble us? The sheep never questions the shepherd. We must see every situation around us as secondary compelled to God’s demands. Because the sheep will never know any better than the shepherd, sometimes God “makes” us whether we expect it or not.
(Job 13:15; Rom. 8:38-39; Job 23:10)

Study the book of Psalms 23:1-5

1. Thank God for giving us His word.
2. Ask for the eyes that allow you to see God as your shepherd.
3. Pray as led for the leadership of COD.
4. Pray for any member of COD that you have not seen around for over two weeks.
5. Pray for your family.
6. Bless your week.


5 months remaining in the year 2015!

Just wanna check on that project of yours… That goal… That resolution… How far have you gone about it?

Yes… I know; some of you haven’t even started. Me too, there some projects I’ve been somewhat lazy to begin. But I have made up my mind—since JESUS gives the strength—to begin and finish as many of them as possible this year!

I want us to do this together. This post I dedicate to you. Don’t just share this post or merely hit “Like”. Determine to do stuff this year. And even if you don’t finish it, you’ll be glad that you’ve made progress.

So, here’s to concluding that project of yours in Jesus MATCHLESS Name!