Bible Study

TODAY’S TOPIC: 2 Chronic Habits of Dwellers
KEY TEXT: Ps. 91:1-16
KEY VERSE: Ps. 91:1
“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”

In the past two weeks, God has helped us with the attributes of this Secret Place. The belief is that we have taken note of the things that God has been revealing. Today, however, we shall get an insight into two most popular habits of those who dwell in the Secret Place. We trust the Holy Spirit’s guidance in unveiling these to us.

Anyone that enjoys the close protection and rare blessings of God is a lover. We have seen in Scriptures that those who “dwell” are always priority with God. In John 14:21, it was clear that Jesus will only manifest Himself to those who love Him. What really is love? The Oxford Dictionary simple defines it this way: deep affection or fondness. When someone loves God, they become engrossed in His Person and His service.
All dwellers are lovers of God!
(Mark 12:30; John 16:17; Deut. 10:12; Rom. 8:28)

The virtue of trust is indeed a sacred one; it can only be given and grown by God Himself. According to Oxford, trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth, or strength etc. of a person or thing. Trust is most times the real proof of love. Most people tend to love God only when things are right and cosy. Immediately they notice any little challenge, they begin to doubt. A dweller is not like that. This is because he proves his love by trusting. Trust is what makes you stick to God and His promises, even when it seems like He is not gonna show up! This was clearly proved by the three Hebrew boys, in their speech to King Nebuchadnezzar in Dan. 3:16-18.
(Ps. 91:2; Isaiah 26:3-4; Ps. 112:7)

1. Read the whole chapter of Daniel 3. Deduce three lessons from this. These lessons are to be written in your I.E notebook or in the comments section of our site (

1. Thank God for giving us His word.
2. Ask that God makes you a dweller indeed.
3. Pray for the vitues of love and trust towards God.
4. Pray for our Students. Ask for an increase in the measure of excellence. Using Stephanie as a point of contact, ask for outstanding results over those who are sitting for exams currently.
5. Bless this week.
6. Pray for the SEM International Youth Conference. Ask for God’s Presence, Power and Place.


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