Bible Study

TOPIC: There is a Secret Place!
KEY TEXT: Ps. 91:1-16
KEY VERSE: Ps. 91:1
“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty”

Places abound, and they abound in degrees or categories. The presidential house of Nigeria is called Aso Rock. The White House, however, is seen as the presidential house of the United States of America. Now, no man needs to tell you that there are big differences between these two places! There are differences in terms of beauty, security, prosperity, maintenance, attraction, etc…Differences—huge differences—just exist. Why are they different? This is because every place has its own pace (rate of progression). You cannot compare the economy of Japan with the economy of Gabon, for instance. This is because one of those two places is bigger! In the Kingdom of Heaven, places abound too! Also important of note, not all places here are the same. This we shall consider in our lesson today…

Consider our key text and understand the following:

1. If there is a SECRET PLACE of the Most High, then there are “other places” of the Most High.
This is when we come BEFORE the Lord. Sometimes we approach these places when we do our usual worship, prayer, offerings and praise. In Leviticus, this ordinary place is figuratively called, “door”. That word in Hebrew is “peh’-thakh”, which translates to mean: gate, door, entrance, opening or place. Other places the Bibles talked about this ordinary realm, it used words like “Outer Court”, “Without”, “Outside”.
(Micah 6:6; Lev. 15:14; Ezk. 10:5)

2. There is indeed a SECRET PLACE.
The Bible has other names for this place. In some cases, Scriptures call it “High Place”, “Holy Place”, “Holy Hill”, “Hill of God”, “Inner Courts”, etc. It is not any other place. It is a secluded place. It occupies a higher realm. This place is real, but it is not ordinary.
(Num. 23:3; 1Sam. 9:14; 1Kings 3:4; Ps. 24:3; Ps. 46:4; Isa. 57:15)

3. The SECRET place is HABITABLE.
Our key verse says, “He that dwelleth…” It means therefore, that someone can reside there. It can be found. It is a habitat (natural home of someone or something). It can be visited often; but it can also be occupied permanently.
(Ps. 91:9; Ps. 71:3; Ps. 90:1; Ps. 15:1; Ps. 61:4; John 15:4; Ps. 23:6; Ps. 65:4)

1. Study through Psalms 91

1. Thank God for His Word.
2. Ask that the Holy Spirit continue to interpret this word to you.
3. Ask that the Lord lead you to find this Secret Place, and to dwell therein.
4. Pray for all Codites and ask for God’s blessing upon them and their families.
5. Pray for Codites who are preparing for exams (using V.I.C as a point of contact). Ask for excellence after the order of Daniel.
6. Pray against any form of evil this month. Cover yourself and all your family members with The Blood.
7. Pray for indescribable favours from God this month.
8. Pray for an increase in the spiritual growth of Codites.
9. Pray for all those born in the month of July (using Bona V as a point of contact to those who are not around).
10. Pray as led for Nigeria.


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