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Using Time

time should be invested

time should be invested

Everything eventually stops working at one point in time or another… Something, however, doesn’t.


Time cannot be stopped. Any attempt to pause or stop time is an attempt to disrupt life. Why? A wise man once hinted that time is the stuff life is made of! So, yes. You’ll not be wrong if you rename this article, “Using Life”!

A lot, and enough too, has been said about the need for young fellows to be time conscious. With every second, ageing takes place. With every day, our graves draw closer (whether we want to hear it or not).

There are, however, three ways people use their time. [This was told me by my father.] These would be explained to us here:

Beholding young folks who live as though there is no other life beyond this is no more a surprising sight. Sometimes you see certain things done by these ‘leaders’ of tomorrow so-called, and you begin to wonder, “leaders over who/what exactly?” Some of the achievements of these fellows include (but is not limited to): laziness, fornication, drunkenness, idleness, drug addiction, arrogance, stupidity… Some of this youths actually become consciously unaware of the fact that the clock never stops ticking. Anything goes for them. You find them living their lives, but at the mercy of chance. Among these are thieves (armed or not), prostitutes, smokers, drug addicts, cultists, thugs, playboys/playgirls, etc. Never try to correct them, or you get mocked at (and that is if heaven says you shouldn’t get beaten up physically). When they finally realise what’s going on, it’s already late. They then turn out to become: drivers, janitors, housemaids, baby sitters, truck pushers, hawkers, cleaners, messengers, etc, having their lives totally dependent on others or events.
These ones only exist in life.

This set of folks go about their daily routine. Yes. That’s just about the only thing they know and do. They hunt after the ‘normal’ things of life. They come to a place and just join the race, without knowing what it is all about. This category of time-users do it the way others do it or think it should be done. Here’s their goals list:

  • go to school
  • read and pass exams
  • graduate
  • get a job
  • work your way up through the ranks
  • get married (for some, however, this comes before graduation)
  • get babies
  • train them

…and the cycle continues. Although they become doctors, engineers, tailors, mechanics, teachers, lawyers, bankers,etc, they have little to show for their sweat. For them, life is only what happens between when they wake up and when they go back to bed. Nothing new. Nothing adventurous. Nothing daring.
These ones only struggle with life.

“And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment.”
-1 Chronicles 12:32.

See that, people! They ruled because they understood time. Understanding time teaches you what you “ought to do”, not what you want to do. Now that, is INVESTMENT! Fulfilment comes when you do what you should, not what you could. The people in this category NEVER have a ‘free time’. They rest when it’s time for it; not just because they want to. These people turn out to be: professors, chancellors, SANs, medical directors, CEOs, business owners, employers of labour, etc. They command results, and have the people in the other two categories working their heads off to bring these results.
These ones don’t just live life; they thrive in it!

Currently, you are living your life in one of the categories listed above. I don’t know which exactly. But I think that’s your question to answer. Ensure you check to be sure.

Until we greet again, STAY GOD’s!!!

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The Prayer God Answers

The Prayer God answers

The Prayer God answers

2 Chronicles 7:14

If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
(New International Version)

Have you prayed? Have you fasted?
Did you request something from the
Lord? Are you tired of waiting on Him? Are the answers not showing up yet?

Then there’s a problem.


God is EVER faithful. He never changes, not for any man or circumstance. We are our own problems! Sometimes, we pray wrongly.

God Himself did give King Solomon and his people the guidelines for praying to, or requesting from Him.

These tips we
shall look into briefly.
We must:

  1. BE HUMBLE: God ‘resists’ the proud, but grants grace to the humble.
    Grace takes us to where we are not
    qualified to enter. In the Old
    Testament, if someone sins, they are not allowed into the tabernacle
    (except for cleansing). But we know
    that Jesus’ death and resurrection
    brought grace which makes us come
    into God’s presence without guilt,
    having been washed by the Blood.

    If you are privileged to attend a
    gathering of highly influential people, you tend to be very careful, knowing that you are not worth the invitation. That’s how we should approach God. Every opportunity to meet with Him becomes a rare privilege. So it makes us very careful not to misuse it.
    The bible has this story of a tax collector and a pharisee who went to pray. God honoured the prayer of the tax collector because he knew, accepted and expressed how highly privileged he was to come into God’s presence.
    Whoever we are, whatever we have, or wherever we come from, should not be a hindrance to our worship. When entering the church hall, drop your ego and pride, your knowledge and etc; drop them outside. For even before
    you open your mouth to speak before God, He has seen your heart.

  2. PRAY: If it is truly what you have come to do, get on with it; don’t do anything less. Prayer is talking to God. It ain’t shouting out loud so your neighbour can be intimidated. It ain’t noticing who prays well and who doesn’t. Prayer is sure not sitting relaxed on a chair, sleeping. Prayer is talking to God. As we mean it, and even
    more, when talk to our earthly
    fathers, we must focus on why we
    close our eyes to say those words. We must TRULY PRAY.
  3. SEEK HIS FACE: We must focus on God. Our reason for asking from God should include a longing and desire for His will to be done. We must be very aware that we don’t own ourselves. So we must use that which is His to please
    Him. Seeking God’s face means: “let
    thy will be done”. It means, “give it to me ONLY IF you know it is right for me”. God has a say in anything we ask for- let us listen to Him.

    Another way we can view ourselves as ‘God- seekers’ is when we don’t just come to ask Him, but also to know Him. This particular kind of God-seekers are never discouraged. Because this kind of God-seeking takes care of the first.
    Here, you want more of God, not
    just what he gives. Here, you TALK ‘WITH’ GOD, not just talk to Him. Here, you learn how to, and what to ask from God. So your God never fails; if you don’t get it, you know why. Here, YOU ALWAYS WIN!

  4. CHANGE: Nothing around you will change if you don’t!
    Someone is wondering, “can God’s people be wicked?” Well, your guess matches mine! We have many of God’s people who still practice wickedness! How do we talk to others? What do we desire, and can do ‘anything’ to have? What have we not let go of yet? Why the hatred, malice and unforgiveness? Do you have greed or jealousy?
    If you have these things, then you don’t need answers!

    Resolve to become better each time you visit God’s presence. Maybe we are the reason we are not getting what we always ask for. Maybe we have this grudge that is occupying our heart. It’s time to let go. It’s time to fly light- that’s the only way we can fly high.

Can you say a prayer now?

Ask God to forgive your sins. With
humility, tell Him you are sorry. Tell
Him to make you a better person. Now, ask Him to ‘heal’ your land (business, academics, family, body, life).

God bless.

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Life Is A Choice (Part 2)

The first part of this piece was clear to state that the choices we make determine our lives. But how is that so?

When we make a wrong choice in life, we change the whole set of options that comes next. Remember that in the first part of this piece, we agreed that life is a two-road junction, in which each of both roads carry in themselves many other two-road junctions. Now, let’s see an instance.

When in high school, options were set before you:

Any choice you made determined the next array of options you could choose from. Now, let’s go further.

If you selected a Science class, thou wouldest miss Accounting, Literature-in-English, History, Commerce and Government in thy next array of options.

In a tertiary institution, the department of your choice determined what courses were elective and compulsory for you. The day you signed up for a particular field, ALL other options before you were re-arranged. This is because you must keep choosing, and immediately too.

You cannot choose a smoker for a friend and still choose not to perceive the odour from cigarettes. It’s NOT possible. Because both options are NOT in the same column.

Now, if we say that life is a choice; and if we agree that we keep choosing as long as we keep living, then our choices determine our lives [for they determine what we choose next].

Your right to choose is yours entirely. What you don’t get back is the choice you have already made. This is because the arrangement of options cannot be reversed! Why?


Time is the stuff life is made of, and time itself cannot be reversed!

So, nobody tampers with your right to choose again. But nobody gives you back a choice that has already been made. In life, you continue choosing but you NEVER get to re-choose! And so, we have the line: you can’t eat your cake and have it.

Many of us are guilty of this.
Some people just move around life as if it were a museum or a park; they are just here for sight-seeing. They live for others. These are the people who easily get heart-broken anytime they are disappointed by others.

In the first part of this article (read it here), we observed that it is not possible to live without choices. We also upheld that not choosing is, indeed, a choice. This is because if you don’t choose, then you have chosen to be chosen for! Now, that is a disastrous choice to make.


Anyone who chooses not has decided to allow life choose for them. When you refuse to choose [or select] from life’s offers (see Part 1), you get anything it (life) hands down to you. So, it is right if we develop this into a line thus:
If you fail to choose something, you have succeeded in choosing ANYTHING!

But why? Why would you leave your life at the mercy of life?

Life comes with good and rude offers, lovely and ugly presents, the nice and the lies… Life unreservedly pours them down at you. But it doesn’t force you to accept any.

Imagine all that heavy mixture of the sweet and the sour rain down on you, just because you refuse to choose. So, you must choose. At least, if you claim that you love your life. If truly you do, then don’t leave it to life!

If you are not afraid to teach others, comment below and share with us how one choice (right/wrong) you made affected your life.

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Life Is A Choice (Part 1)

Everything you get is eventually what you wanted. In life, something always happens. Something always comes. But not everything that comes, stays! Why?


You decide which stays and which do not. You decide whether or not to accept whatever life naturally brings your way. Every great man you ever heard of actually selected from life’s offers. They didn’t blame life for being cruel; they decided rather not to be affected by life’s cruelty.

And no one can- not even you- can change it! Life just happens. It is natural. Life is NOT a one-way journey filled with only lots of goodies; it is a junction of 2 roads. And in each road, there abound many other two-road junctions.

You cannot change the ‘life’ of life. You cannot alter its nature. Because anything that is divine, lasts. Life doesn’t- and will not- change for you or anybody else. Accepting life’s good is embracing its evil too. It’s like the case of a rose- you get the flower and the thorn. So, really, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Oh, there’s one- live!

Yes. We all choose to live. If you must live, you must choose to. Mere existence, however, is not a choice. People don’t choose to enter into this world, but they choose to continue in it. You’ve probably heard about the word ‘suicide’. The victims (or who-be victims) choose to end their lives, and then do it.

Life is a choice. Hence, every gift (good or bad) of life brings with it a choice. Name it: marriage, spouse, career, business, faith, friends, and even enemies! At every point of our lives, we choose.

I hear someone thinking, “But I didn’t choose to become this”. My question then is, “Did you choose to become that?”

In life, you must choose. Life (or living) is not possible without choice (or choosing). If you must live, then you must choose. The thing is, you cannot not choose. It is not possible not to choose. In life, it is not possible to be without choice. Okay, here is the bomb: In life, NOT CHOOSING IS A CHOICE!

If you don’t choose, then you have chosen to be chosen for. And guess what? Life itself will do the choosing here.

There are two categories of people walking the earth. The first category choose things- by themselves- for themselves. They always make choices. They know that they have to make choices. The second category choose things- not by themselves- for themselves. They let things, people or events choose for them. Their lives are affected by whatever happens around them.

Yes. That simple. Life hand you things; you choose which of them to accept; your selections determine what else happens in your life. In other words, what you choose today will determine what you will choose from tomorrow. Until you make the right choice today, there’s a strong possibility that you’ll never have the right options tomorrow.

So, what are you going to do? If I were you, I’d decide to start choosing henceforth. Why? Because whatever you choose becomes your lot. It’s the greatest power God has given to every human: the Power of Choice.

Whatever is happening in your life today is what you chose yesterday. Whatever happens in your life tomorrow will be a function of what you choose today.

Choose. Choose now. Choose wisely.

How do you think the choices we make affect our lives?
Feel free to share your commments below.

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