Face it!!!

“No! I can’t. I’ve tried severally, i just can’t.”
Most people are victims of the above declaration. It’s responsible for the heap of shattered ideas and dreams around you. Most of us put off till tomorrow what we can finish today. I’m not talking about procastination, i’m talking about fear.

This enemy is a dream-killer.

First, it starts from the mind: you see the obstacle and begin to think it unbeatable. Big things they say, start small.

Then, it grows into believing, because whatever you’ve not accepted, u can’t believe- acceptance came when u thought of it. Words are spirits and it’s the spiritual dat controls the physical. Now, the mind is abstract(not seen, so, easily connects to the spirit). Whatever you say comes from your mind. No matter how dull, everyone says only what he/she thinks, consciously or not. You thought that problem to be without solution, you accepted that “your fact”, so you’ll say it(kinda affirmation) almost always.
Your mind now knows you can’t, so ur spirit will not give it support when it’s time to get things done.
Your mind will now only present negative reports as regards that situation.

Since you let it in, only you too can let it out.

Start this way:

  • Always assure and reassure yourself you’re gonna do it(remember the lizard’s lesson).
  • Don’t just say it, try it! Face any problem(I call it ‘challenge’) with the aim of solving it. One thing worthy of note is, you’ll never get to a new level if you don’t defeat “The Boss” of your current level.
  • Talk to people. I always tell people that relationship matters. You may be soaked in a mess and someone next door has that answer. But just because you’re on your own,…
    Many people have gone through that hell you’re seeing for the first time; they might show you the way through or walk you through themselves only when you relate.
  • Get information. Yes, alot. Most especially those linking to your answers.
  • Use information. He who doesn’t use information is same as he who doesn’t have information. Put into practise the information you get from the internet, reading books, attending seminars and etc.
  • Pray. You’ve got to. There’re certain things you just don’t understand. You’ve kept all these rules yet you’re not seeing results, then you need to pray. Look, you need a mysterious approach to avoid a mysterious reproach. Prayers are spiritual and can repair anything spiritual. Don’t forget that the spiritual controls the physical.

Please be serious in carrying out these. Remember that nothing will change until you do.

Good luck.


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