5 Practices of Would-be Failures

It is very common to see people make efforts to better their lives. They read books, visit the gym, make resolutions and try to keep them, pursue a cause, influence and grow others,etc. They practise many things and yearn for additional knowledge.

Everybody has a story.
In that story are contained ‘laws’. Laws which they applied to their lives. Some of these laws worked out, others didn’t. All these laws made their success or failure.

Enough has been said about going up. Very few [if any] persons talk about going down. Yet if you look closely at the building, you’ll find out that there are more people at its base. At the floor of the building are more persons…yeah, more. More than those in the elevator, and definitely more than those upstairs.

But why?


People like going down.

And why so?

Yeah, I’ll still tell ya.

‘Cos going down is easy!

Think of it. Whenever you ascend a staircase, you make use of more energy than you’d require to descend a staircase.
Going down ain’t stressful.
It’s easy.
It’s cheap.
It’s less demanding.
…And it’s ‘fun’.

[Hey, you know the kinda fun I mean up there, right?]

Quickly there! Let’s take a look at 5 proven ways to ruin a life. Let’s see the habits of ruined folks. I tell you, these habits are what make for failure in academics, finance, relationships, ministry, life, and destiny! Any youth possessing these attributes will have a successfully ruined life! And since going down is easy, these things cost nothing to do.

Here they come…

  1. Laziness and total dependence on others
  2. One very important ingredient in the cooking of a failure is laziness! some young fellows don’t even see it as a problem. At about 9am, a boy/girl still in their twenty-somethings have not left the bed. The prospective failure gets breakfast before bath every morning. Sometimes, they’d even need a formal written request to wash their own clothes! That’s it. Do this, and you’ll be smiling from the bottom of the success ladder.

    Recently, you hear a lot of young folks tell you, “I’m looking for a job”. But that’s a lie. Someone your age cannot continue to ‘look for a job’ for months and even years. I once told a friend of mine that these people just don’t want to work. Instead of getting something, anything legal, and start doing it, they want luxury for a job. You know what I mean… That kinda job that pays you heavily for your very little effort- you have all the benefits for nothing. That’s what they want. And when they don’t see it coming, they blame the government.

    Go out! Get something doing.
    Lazy folks don’t wanna try anything. You know, I once heard that the dictionary is the only place in the whole world where you get to see ‘success’ before ‘work’!

    That’s true.

    At 21, these would-be successful failure still depends on daddy and mummy for every bread and butter. That is not a life. They CAN’T fend for themselves! They use the biggest mobile phones and wear expensive clothes, but they are unemployed, lazy and dependent. They still enjoy being called ‘Junior’.

    They hardly read books. They have no time to study. They rarely do assignments and will always neglect personal practice.

    Singers will hardly practise, believing that this ever-changing world still need their ancient tones. Preachers and teachers will never study, always depending on the lessons of their mentors.

    Some even have what they call ‘shortcuts’. These routes will eventually cut short their lives, and leave their destinies amputated, right before their eyes. They would prefer to copy someone’s work on an assignment, rather than enjoy the sweetness that comes from personally acquired knowledge and the confidence it brings with it.

    Some of them have goals. But they are lazy.

    You want the world to hear you? How many of the world’s greatest speakers have you studied? Maybe you wanna write. Have you started something, or you just keep dreaming?

    Dreams WON’T work unless you do!!!

    Go to work. Do something. Get involved. If it is to be, it is up to you. Even God won’t help you if you ain’t ready to work. Scriptures say God will bless the work of our hands. God did not promise to bless our hands, but their works.

    • Is your hand working?
    • What are you working on?
    • Are you ready to push further, hence harder?

    If you must do something to elude failure, you must WORK HARD!!!


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