Your Connection Determines Your Collection!!!

Yeah, that’s right!
Who is a friend anyway? Did I hear you mention ‘interest’ or ‘common’?
You see? There’s this thing that holds you both. Without it, no relationship. Ever noticed that there is this behaviour you do carry, and sometimes you portray it unconsciously? The not-so-obvious fact is that since your friend behaves that way too, a kind of ‘sharing’ took place.
Now, lets restate clearly that no relationship can thrive without that word ‘sharing’. Need I repeat to you that it is the major purpose of any union? In a relationship, no matter how unbalanced, ‘things’ are shared. Name them: advice, knowledge, company, feelings…even material things like money, properties,etc; then fame, reputation… We probably won’t get to the end of this article if we continue that list. Note that you ‘collect’ attributes from your associations, knowingly or not. It is not so popular but true that you(a non-smoker) can be friends with a smoker for very long time without even tasting tobacco. It is also not so popular but true that you can ‘collect’ his reputation as a smoker, or at least, share from it. Assumption could be the lowest level of wisdom, but even the wise assumes. Remember, “show me your friend, and I will tell…”, “a friend of a thief is…” Even when you don’t collect their character, you collect their reputation.
Who are your friends? Who are those associations? Where do you go often? Yeah, someone is asking, “associations, go?” And I say yes! You associate when yo do as little as talk to someone. You definitely won’t go to a beer parlour to read; even the blind man knows about the library. In my country Nigeria, one could get malt drinks in a beer parlour. But the fact is, as long as you are sitting there, you are a drunk to all who pass by. Develop something out of that in your mind. Now, no matter how dull you are, everybody starts asking you mathematical questions once you’re spotted with Isaac Newton. Think about that too.
Now you are there.
But I am not saying, “shout ‘em off your back”. I am saying don’t ‘live’ with them. How? What if they come to you?
¤ Define your goals, then interests: If know where you’re headed, it will be easier to know what you’ll need. What kind of person are you? It is a result of where you are going. It is your goal that defines your interests. If you want to become a president, you don’t choose NOVELS over HISTORY! What do you want out of life? It will determine what you do and where you go to get it. Ponder about this; your friend(your mind) has more for you.
¤ Act on them: Now you know what you should be doing. It is ‘applied’ knowledge, not just knowledge, that is power! Once you start doing these things, your kind of friends will come to you. Plus on your way to get there(the goal you’ve set), you’ll be meeting with some ‘fellow travellers’.
¤ Don’t stray: Watch the places you visit. If you hate the sight of aquatic animals, don’t live in an island!
¤Pray: If God is your friend, ungodly people won’t be!
These are just four points. But only to shallow minds. If you want the best out of these points, ‘PONDER’ is the key. Write down your thoughts, go over them REGULARLY, recite them together with the points by heart. Remember, what you have started saying, you most possibly will start doing.
See you up there!


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