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Face it!!!

“No! I can’t. I’ve tried severally, i just can’t.”
Most people are victims of the above declaration. It’s responsible for the heap of shattered ideas and dreams around you. Most of us put off till tomorrow what we can finish today. I’m not talking about procastination, i’m talking about fear.

This enemy is a dream-killer.

First, it starts from the mind: you see the obstacle and begin to think it unbeatable. Big things they say, start small.

Then, it grows into believing, because whatever you’ve not accepted, u can’t believe- acceptance came when u thought of it. Words are spirits and it’s the spiritual dat controls the physical. Now, the mind is abstract(not seen, so, easily connects to the spirit). Whatever you say comes from your mind. No matter how dull, everyone says only what he/she thinks, consciously or not. You thought that problem to be without solution, you accepted that “your fact”, so you’ll say it(kinda affirmation) almost always.
Your mind now knows you can’t, so ur spirit will not give it support when it’s time to get things done.
Your mind will now only present negative reports as regards that situation.

Since you let it in, only you too can let it out.

Start this way:

  • Always assure and reassure yourself you’re gonna do it(remember the lizard’s lesson).
  • Don’t just say it, try it! Face any problem(I call it ‘challenge’) with the aim of solving it. One thing worthy of note is, you’ll never get to a new level if you don’t defeat “The Boss” of your current level.
  • Talk to people. I always tell people that relationship matters. You may be soaked in a mess and someone next door has that answer. But just because you’re on your own,…
    Many people have gone through that hell you’re seeing for the first time; they might show you the way through or walk you through themselves only when you relate.
  • Get information. Yes, alot. Most especially those linking to your answers.
  • Use information. He who doesn’t use information is same as he who doesn’t have information. Put into practise the information you get from the internet, reading books, attending seminars and etc.
  • Pray. You’ve got to. There’re certain things you just don’t understand. You’ve kept all these rules yet you’re not seeing results, then you need to pray. Look, you need a mysterious approach to avoid a mysterious reproach. Prayers are spiritual and can repair anything spiritual. Don’t forget that the spiritual controls the physical.

Please be serious in carrying out these. Remember that nothing will change until you do.

Good luck.


Steps to Blessedness

“Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.” (Psalm 1:1).

What is your view of a BLESSED man? How do you say this man is blessed and the other man is not? What is your definition of the line, “being blessed”? For very many of us, it means having money…you know, being in riches. Before I go further, let me chip this in:

Prosperity is NOT exactly equal to Blessing!

Now, let’s continue…

What is “Being Blessed“?


Some people work every week to get paid. Day in, day out… They just work. They zoom off very early in the mornings and land back home at nights. They work for money. If you become very rich by means of this, you are rich, not blessed!

Some other guys, however, do not depend on their salaries. They work for the fun of it! They’d still be working long after you’ve stopped paying…yet they are NEVER hungry.



That’s a BLESSED man!

Quickly, these are the things you must know about being blessed:

  • Being blessed eases you of struggles
  • Being blessed erases worries. A blessed man is always relaxed!
  • You work for the blessing; it doesn’t fly to you
  • For a very good knowledge on how
    obedience can earn you a blessing, visit here!!!

    Or download the full pdf here:

    Obedience is Key!

    So, there.

    Let me quickly stress the BIGGEST truth about being blessed:


    Check it out:
    Gen. 13:5-6

    Now let’s look at the steps.
    I think the Bible gives us 5 progressive steps to blessedness! I have decided to call it the RADDS formula! If you check out the life of any man that is blessed of God, you’ll definitely see that he is no new student to the RADDS formula.

    What is RADDS?
    It is a combination of all the necessary ingredients in the ‘cooking’ of a BLESSED MAN! Not just a combination, but also in the right order.

    Now we shall be taking a look at all these steps, or should I say LAWS, of attaining the state of being blessed (divinely favoured).

    They are listed below:

    1. Refuse ungodly counsel
    2. You see, many folks today are where they are because of the wrong choices they’ve made. I do tell people that life is a choice. And so, all the things that life is made of are choices! Most people don’t agree with me there, anyway. But that’s aside.
      We all make choices. Some good, some bad. But we make them. Often after we’ve reaped the consequences of a right/wrong choice, our minds are forced to trace the source of that choice. For young fellows like us, about 60% (in my opinion) of choices are made because of someone said to make them. We (young folks) are mostly influenced by what people say or think about us. So, we kinda act to please others (regardless of how hard we try to deny it).


      • When was the last time you went to a place uninvited?
      • When last did you wear a clothing because you liked it, and not because you wanted to impress someone or show off?
      • Haven’t you given up your hobbies before in the past, just because your friends were not comfortable with them?

      So you see, people influence us a great deal. Wether we are aware or not, we receive counsel from people.
      In 2 Sam. 13, the Bible spoke of a young man named Amnon. This man got an evil advice from his friend, and it did cost him his life!
      1 Kings 12:13-16 further tells us about the consequences of wrong advice.

      Be very careful where you get your advice from!

      Bad counsel comes from people. Right. But it can also come from things (events, circumstances, media, feelings, places, etc).

      Getting away from evil influences, however, still remains one of the almost-impossible things in the life of young people. Yes. Because of some benefit (which is temporal in most cases), some folks would rather they enjoy the rubbish they get from the wrong places. You know, that should-do-what-he/she-says-because-they-do-this-for-me kinda attitude. Well, don’t know about you but no matter the sacrifices there are to make, I’d never be foolish enough to trade my destiny for a temporal gain.

      If you must be a success, then you must shun bad counsel.

      Here’s how to:

      1. Stay away from evil company
      2. This is the best natural way of avoiding bad advice. The Bible warns that “evil communication corrupts good manners”. To be free from bad advice, you must be free from their source.

        • don’t associate with bad people
        • don’t go to bad places
        • don’t watch bad things
        • don’t listen to bad stories
        • don’t engage in bad conversations
      3. Seek God first
      4. Once faced with a challenge, seek the face of God before acting out a plan. Read the Scriptures. Pray. Find out the mind of God over every matter. God cares so much about you and will NOT lead you to the wrong places/people.

      5. Love yourself
      6. If you always remind yourself of how much you’re loved by you, you won’t be in a haste to make any kind of decision. If you value your future, you won’t be looking for answers in the wrong place.

      I pray, in the Name of JESUS CHRIST, every evil counsel over and against your life be destroyed by fire!!!

    3. Avoid hypocrisy
    4. “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”
      (James 1:8).

      “Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.”
      (Matthew 6:1).

      God will NOT bless a hypocrite!
      Yeah, that’s right. God is a blameless God. His ways are just and pure. EVERYTHING about God is just. He would NOT spoil that name for anything. In Matt. 5:16, Scriptures tell us that our light’s shine should be bring glory to God.

      God has not blessed you, if people can’t find HIM in your blessing

      For you to continue carrying- and potraying- that legacy of blamelessness on the earth, you MUST be proven to be blameless! According to Matt. 6:5, we already receive our reward [from men] anytime we work hypocritically. Focus on God alone!

      Hypocrisy is a deadly eater! Hypocrisy has swallowed up many in churches, ministries, marriages, relationships, businesses, etc.

      From a search I made on the internet, hypocrisy is the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense. So, hypocrisy is simply NOT BEING YOU!

      Jer. 48:10 tells us that, instead of a blessing, a curse follows whoever does God’s work deceitfully. What is your stand? Do you preach what you do, or are you just a movie star when it comes to your integrity.

      Remember: while people are busy judging your reputation, God looks at your integrity!
      Study: Mt. 23:13-15, 23-24; Mt. 7:3-5; Lk. 11:39; Isaiah 29:13-14; Mt. 15:7-9.

    5. Dodge bad company
    6. Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are!

      “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.”
      (1 Corinthians 15:33).

      People influence us daily. Most of the things we catch ourselves doing sometimes is a result of what we had copied (unconsciously) from those around us.

      Sit back and think; most of the things you have as habits now were probably picked from some childhood friends.

      What surrounds us is what is
      within us.

      -T.F. Hodge

      Hey, look around you, the people you see around you determines your destination. If you must be blessed, mingle ONLY with blessed people.

      See this again:
      “And Lot also, which went with Abram, had flocks, and herds, and tents.”
      (Genesis 13:5).

    7. Desire God’s Word
    8. Study it!

    5 Practices of Would-be Failures

    It is very common to see people make efforts to better their lives. They read books, visit the gym, make resolutions and try to keep them, pursue a cause, influence and grow others,etc. They practise many things and yearn for additional knowledge.

    Everybody has a story.
    In that story are contained ‘laws’. Laws which they applied to their lives. Some of these laws worked out, others didn’t. All these laws made their success or failure.

    Enough has been said about going up. Very few [if any] persons talk about going down. Yet if you look closely at the building, you’ll find out that there are more people at its base. At the floor of the building are more persons…yeah, more. More than those in the elevator, and definitely more than those upstairs.

    But why?


    People like going down.

    And why so?

    Yeah, I’ll still tell ya.

    ‘Cos going down is easy!

    Think of it. Whenever you ascend a staircase, you make use of more energy than you’d require to descend a staircase.
    Going down ain’t stressful.
    It’s easy.
    It’s cheap.
    It’s less demanding.
    …And it’s ‘fun’.

    [Hey, you know the kinda fun I mean up there, right?]

    Quickly there! Let’s take a look at 5 proven ways to ruin a life. Let’s see the habits of ruined folks. I tell you, these habits are what make for failure in academics, finance, relationships, ministry, life, and destiny! Any youth possessing these attributes will have a successfully ruined life! And since going down is easy, these things cost nothing to do.

    Here they come…

    1. Laziness and total dependence on others
    2. One very important ingredient in the cooking of a failure is laziness! some young fellows don’t even see it as a problem. At about 9am, a boy/girl still in their twenty-somethings have not left the bed. The prospective failure gets breakfast before bath every morning. Sometimes, they’d even need a formal written request to wash their own clothes! That’s it. Do this, and you’ll be smiling from the bottom of the success ladder.

      Recently, you hear a lot of young folks tell you, “I’m looking for a job”. But that’s a lie. Someone your age cannot continue to ‘look for a job’ for months and even years. I once told a friend of mine that these people just don’t want to work. Instead of getting something, anything legal, and start doing it, they want luxury for a job. You know what I mean… That kinda job that pays you heavily for your very little effort- you have all the benefits for nothing. That’s what they want. And when they don’t see it coming, they blame the government.

      Go out! Get something doing.
      Lazy folks don’t wanna try anything. You know, I once heard that the dictionary is the only place in the whole world where you get to see ‘success’ before ‘work’!

      That’s true.

      At 21, these would-be successful failure still depends on daddy and mummy for every bread and butter. That is not a life. They CAN’T fend for themselves! They use the biggest mobile phones and wear expensive clothes, but they are unemployed, lazy and dependent. They still enjoy being called ‘Junior’.

      They hardly read books. They have no time to study. They rarely do assignments and will always neglect personal practice.

      Singers will hardly practise, believing that this ever-changing world still need their ancient tones. Preachers and teachers will never study, always depending on the lessons of their mentors.

      Some even have what they call ‘shortcuts’. These routes will eventually cut short their lives, and leave their destinies amputated, right before their eyes. They would prefer to copy someone’s work on an assignment, rather than enjoy the sweetness that comes from personally acquired knowledge and the confidence it brings with it.

      Some of them have goals. But they are lazy.

      You want the world to hear you? How many of the world’s greatest speakers have you studied? Maybe you wanna write. Have you started something, or you just keep dreaming?

      Dreams WON’T work unless you do!!!

      Go to work. Do something. Get involved. If it is to be, it is up to you. Even God won’t help you if you ain’t ready to work. Scriptures say God will bless the work of our hands. God did not promise to bless our hands, but their works.

      • Is your hand working?
      • What are you working on?
      • Are you ready to push further, hence harder?

      If you must do something to elude failure, you must WORK HARD!!!

    Your Connection Determines Your Collection!!!

    Yeah, that’s right!
    Who is a friend anyway? Did I hear you mention ‘interest’ or ‘common’?
    You see? There’s this thing that holds you both. Without it, no relationship. Ever noticed that there is this behaviour you do carry, and sometimes you portray it unconsciously? The not-so-obvious fact is that since your friend behaves that way too, a kind of ‘sharing’ took place.
    Now, lets restate clearly that no relationship can thrive without that word ‘sharing’. Need I repeat to you that it is the major purpose of any union? In a relationship, no matter how unbalanced, ‘things’ are shared. Name them: advice, knowledge, company, feelings…even material things like money, properties,etc; then fame, reputation… We probably won’t get to the end of this article if we continue that list. Note that you ‘collect’ attributes from your associations, knowingly or not. It is not so popular but true that you(a non-smoker) can be friends with a smoker for very long time without even tasting tobacco. It is also not so popular but true that you can ‘collect’ his reputation as a smoker, or at least, share from it. Assumption could be the lowest level of wisdom, but even the wise assumes. Remember, “show me your friend, and I will tell…”, “a friend of a thief is…” Even when you don’t collect their character, you collect their reputation.
    Who are your friends? Who are those associations? Where do you go often? Yeah, someone is asking, “associations, go?” And I say yes! You associate when yo do as little as talk to someone. You definitely won’t go to a beer parlour to read; even the blind man knows about the library. In my country Nigeria, one could get malt drinks in a beer parlour. But the fact is, as long as you are sitting there, you are a drunk to all who pass by. Develop something out of that in your mind. Now, no matter how dull you are, everybody starts asking you mathematical questions once you’re spotted with Isaac Newton. Think about that too.
    Now you are there.
    But I am not saying, “shout ‘em off your back”. I am saying don’t ‘live’ with them. How? What if they come to you?
    ¤ Define your goals, then interests: If know where you’re headed, it will be easier to know what you’ll need. What kind of person are you? It is a result of where you are going. It is your goal that defines your interests. If you want to become a president, you don’t choose NOVELS over HISTORY! What do you want out of life? It will determine what you do and where you go to get it. Ponder about this; your friend(your mind) has more for you.
    ¤ Act on them: Now you know what you should be doing. It is ‘applied’ knowledge, not just knowledge, that is power! Once you start doing these things, your kind of friends will come to you. Plus on your way to get there(the goal you’ve set), you’ll be meeting with some ‘fellow travellers’.
    ¤ Don’t stray: Watch the places you visit. If you hate the sight of aquatic animals, don’t live in an island!
    ¤Pray: If God is your friend, ungodly people won’t be!
    These are just four points. But only to shallow minds. If you want the best out of these points, ‘PONDER’ is the key. Write down your thoughts, go over them REGULARLY, recite them together with the points by heart. Remember, what you have started saying, you most possibly will start doing.
    See you up there!

    God’s Word

    God ‘shamed’ me today!
    It struck me in my spirit:
    How painful it was for me the day I lost my phone. My contacts, my files- music, images, web pages, etc- things got lost. I was bitter,
    and, until I got this rebuke, I had always missed my memory card.
    But how many times have we felt that lost in the spirit anytime we forget to read from the bible. It’s like staying a day without phone,
    internet, newspaper; it means you are in this world and also out of it. We tend to forget that whatever news we hear happened was
    ALLOWED by a supernatural force.
    Imagine yourself connected to that force:
    * Free notifications of the future happenings in your life.
    * Free supernatural support for your everyday life
    * Instant access to the universal source of ‘every good and perfect gift’
    * Eligibility to act as God’s own
    The answer to that interview question could be found in your bible, during your quiet time. Maybe God has got some corrections for you. Maybe you need encouragement.
    Then, you definitely need GOD’S WORD!
    #Matthew 4:4#

    Your Time, Your Life

    Time is what make up life!
    I know somebody is wondering, “yeah, I know that already”. Well, there’s more to what you know.
    My father once told me, there are three things one could do with their life:
    *Waste it!
    *Spend it!
    *Invest it!
    The way you treat your time determines to which category you belong!
    Ponder on these. . .while you prepare your mind for something divinely true, that God would have us look at when I come around next time.